The Hellenic Platform long term strategy has been approved by the General Assembly of the Hellenic Platform members at the end of June 2015.

The strategy has been developed in the framework of the Development & Democracy’Project, with the assistance of an external consultant, through personal meetings with representatives of the Platform members, members’ participation in two related thematic workshops, drawing of the experience of other European platforms and its presentation – followed by relevant discussion – during the final event of the ”Development & Democracy” on the 30th of March 2015.

STRATEGY 2015 – 2020

We envision, we aim and we work for a “Fair development for all.” We achieve this through the three main pillars of our strategy.

  • 1. Maximization of our influence
    With our joint action, we influence decision makers in Greece, Europe and internationally to improve policies and practices related to sustainable development. Our main objectives are:
  • National policy
  • European policy
  • Major donors and organisations

Hellenic Platform becomes official interlocutor for development.

  • 2. Networking and empowerment of Civil Society
    We offer training, know-how, further education and awareness raising to Greek CSOs’ executives on “sustainable development” issues. We reinforce Greek CSOs’ position and environment. Our main objectives:
  • Broadening of the Greek Platform with new members, so as to meet the new framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Internal Development of common Transparency & Accountability criteria.
  • Building skills of people and organisations of our network and sector.
  • Broadening and deepening of the impact of our communication policy.
  • Investment in broader cooperation with representatives of Civil Society in Greece and internationally.

Hellenic Platform becomes credible representative of Civil Society.

  • 3. Ensuring the sustainability of the Platform
    We ensure the effective and sustainable organization of the Hellenic Platform. Our main objectives are:
  • Ensuring the necessary resources
  • Ensuring the proper organizational development.

Hellenic Platform becomes sustainable institution of Civil Society.