Sustainable Development Goals 2015 – 2030
The position of Hellenic Platform for Development


The Greek Platform for Development considers that there is an urgent need for the Greek Government to establish a framework for a national implementation plan, taking into account both the present national socio-economic crisis and Greece’s role in global development. Specifically, we propose three main pillars of an implementation framework:

  • The establishment of a bi-ministerial committee with the participation of local governments to plan and monitor the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, which will ensure and cohesion policy to be followed.
  • The Greek government should start a procedure for consultation with civil society for the development of a National Strategy on the implementation of the Goals.
  • The development by the Greek Government of a monitoring mechanism composed of public officials, representatives of civil society and of the Academic community, to properly assess the implementation of the National Strategy.

The Greek government has repeatedly called on Europe to remember the values of solidarity and democracy for the benefit of the poorest and most vulnerable populations. It is a unique opportunity for Greece to make solidarity act through the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals at the national level, providing an excellent example of the European partners. The Hellenic Platform for Development collaborates with the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) for the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals in Greece.