The company DIOGENIS is non-profit organization with the main objective to promote dialogue on drug policy in Southeast Europe. The company promotes the cooperation of NGOs in the countries of the Balkan region and seek the cooperation of scientists, research centers and bodies responsible for formulating drug policy. Main objective of the company is to contribute to the achievement of a comprehensive, coherent and effective policy to combat drugs.

Contact Person: Sofia Galinaki Contact information: Address: Fokionos 8, 105 63, Athens, Greece – Tel: +30 210 3255326 – Fax: +30 210 3255326 – Email: – Website:


The PLAYING is a non-profit scientific society. Established to promote the game during childhood and ensuring children’s right to play, to motor, cognitive, emotional and social development and promote physical and mental health. PLAYING objective is to raise awareness and inform parents, teachers and the wider community about the value of the game, but also offer solutions and ideas to support children’s play.

Contact Person: Konstantinos Fyssas. Contact information: Address: Stratigou Alexandrou Papagou 26, 152 34 Halandri, Greece – Tel: +30 698 6755306 – Email: – Website: