Make Europe Sustainable For All

The 3-year DEAR-funded (Development Education and Awareness Raising programme of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation) ‘Make Europe Sustainable for All’ project  combines the expertise and experience of 25 partners from 15 EU countries and 6 EU and global networks.

The Overall Objective is to promote an ambitious implementation of Agenda 2030 by and in the EU, substantially increasing the awareness of EU citizens and policy-makers of their roles and responsibilities in working for a sustainable future.

The Specific Objective is the creation of a European and 15 national cross-sectoral civil society coalitions on SDGs, that will mobilise 25 million EU citizens and 4100 key policy makers to make the transition to more sustainable lifestyles.

The programme covers all 17 SDGs, but is structured around three thematic campaigns:

  1. a) Fight Inequalities
  2. b) Sustainable Food & Agriculture
  3. c) Sustainable Consumption & Production

And three cross cutting issues:

  • Gender
  • Migration
  • Climate Change

Activities for the implementation of the programme:

  1. a) Meetings / Seminars / Webinars
  2. b) Media Awareness & Events
  3. c) Public Actions
  4. d) Creating Tools & Materials
  5. e) Creating Alliances

First year campaign is focused on Fighting Inequalitiesς, that aims to leave no one behind and respect of planetary boundaries. It is a joint endeavour of local, national and European actors from 15 countries to raise awareness and push for policy & social change in order to tackle inequality and poverty in Europe and beyond. This campaign is about empowering and promoting the social, cultural, economic and political inclusion of everyone – especially women, children and minorities. It’s about ensuring equal opportunities and equality of outcomes by advocating that discriminatory policies and practices be replaced.