An advocacy toolkit developed for making the case on Development Education

This toolkit analyze general advocacy and help you to design your way to your advocacy campaign. This toolkit aims to provide solid arguments and background information to sustain the case for reinforcing DEAR policies and strategies – towards institutional stakeholders, but also within civil society. It is meant as a practical tool for your work within your organisations and local, regional, national or international settings. We hope that you find it useful. We welcome suggestions, critique or questions on the toolkit, but also on specific advocacy challenges you might be facing.

Putting the Istanbul Principles into Practice.

The Implementation Toolkit provides guidance and concrete examples on the guidelines, mechanisms and indicators that CSOs might use to put the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness (International Framework Section II) into practice in their local realities.

The Practitioner’s Guide to the CSO Development Effectiveness Principles

This collection provides research reports and publications which help to contribute to innovation in development education theory and practice. They act as a tool to stimulate greater critical reflection and learning amongst the development education community.