European Year for Development 2015 – Civil Society Alliance Project

Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP): Tattoo-Petition Action for Global Jus-tice in Post-2015

Concord, within its Civil Society Alliance project for the European Year for Development 2015,  launched a call for applications for projects related to civil society organisations aiming at promoting the objectives of the EYD2015 action This call for applications was governed by the conditions laid down in Decision No 472/2014/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on the European Year for Development (2015)

The sub-granting mechanism was part of the CONCORD Action on the EYD2015 to convene and coordinate a broad civil society alliance which can contribute to the realisation of the official objectives of the European Union for the European Year, but especially:

  • Reached out to other sectors of Civil Society building up new or fostering already existing synergies with other sectors to work together for common actions and goals like the broad understanding of the sustainable development goals.
  • Informed Union citizens about the Union’s and the Member States’ development cooperation
  • Foster direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest of Union citizens and stakeholders in development cooperation including in policy formulation and implementation
  • Raised awareness to achieve a broader understanding of policy coherence for development, as well as to foster among citizens in Europe and developed countries a sense of joint responsibility, solidarity and opportunity in a changing and increasingly interdependent world.

Hellenic Platform and Praksis conducted a raising awareness campaign in the frame of the GCAP – Coalition Action 2015 by creating a tattoo campaign and promoting the following petition


“I joined action/2015 to call on governments to take ambitious actions for people and planet to end poverty, inequalities and dangerous climate change at international summits this year. We demanded a world where our economies create prosperity for all and not a select few, where governments and the private sector are held to account to respect the rights and dignity of all people and treasure the planet so that it will be habitable for current and future generations. Our governments must protect the planetary systems that are required for the survival of life on earth. Instead of focusing on austerity measures that hinder economic growth and unravel social safety nets, governments must transform unfair economic structures that create inequalities, promote social protection and invest in people, particularly from socially excluded communities. We also demanded to live in communities that are free from fear. Peace and security are based on dignity, transparency, social justice, the fulfillment of human rights and well-being for all. Women’s rights are human rights and governments have a responsibility to promote gender equality and end violence against women. We demand Justice and Dignity! Leave No One Behind!”   See more here