The “Development & Democracy” project is implemented by the Hellenic Platform for Development with partner organization ActionAid Hellas. It is co-financed by the European Commission (DG Development and Cooperation-DEVCO) and it is implemented under the aegis of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU and with the support of the HELLENIC AID-Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Greece.

The overall objective of the “Development & Democracy” Project was to strengthen the effectiveness and impact of Greek NGDOs in mobilizing the public, and increase their participation and influence in policy making in respect to the post-2015 global development agenda and the momentum of the European Elections.

In a country, where civil society is strongly affected by negative media and political campaign, the program seeks to broaden the communication of the positive impact of the actions of its member organizations to the public and establish a frame work of transparency and accountability, which will strengthen and demonstrate both the importance of our existence and our role as representatives of the society in the decision making dialogue with state actors.

In order to achieve this goal, cooperation with all actors, state and non-state, Organisations, the media and the society is necessary. All the Project activities are designed, in order to contribute towards this direction.

In specific, the Project has three main objectives:

  1. To build the capacities of the members of the Greek Platform and other Civil Society Organisations in Greece and develop a framework of transparency and accountability;
  2. To promote constructive dialogue among NGDOs, other non-state actors, public institutions and the private sector;
  3. To increase the level of understanding, awareness and support of global development issues amongst the Greek public

For each one of the above objectives, we have foreseen specific activities, such as: trainings, creation of educational activities on democracy and development, conferences, advocacy and lobby actions, campaigns, etc., which aim at achieving specific goals with specific and measurable results.