The NGO “Society Equal Opportunities” was established in February 2010 as an independent, non-profit organization with actions “Against Social Exclusion of Unemployment and Poverty”. Its principal objective is to raise awareness and inform citizens in terms of rights of equality, equal treatment and non-discrimination in all areas of social life, especially in education, vocational training, labor market, social security, health and entrepreneurship.

Contact Person: Christina Psorogianni. Contact information: Address: Codrington 33, 104 34, Athens, Greece – Tel: +30 211 7051841 – Fax: +30 211 7051002 – Email: Website:


The “Center for International Solidarity & Cooperation – KE.D.A.S” is a Greek, independent, medical humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO). Its aim is to provide medical, educational and development assistance to populations in developing countries without any racial, religious, political or other discrimination, to contribute to economic and social development of these countries. In Greece the KE.D.A.S is recognized as a non-governmental organization (MKO) from 1996 (no. 5483/1996). The headquarters of the organization are in Athens.

Contact Person: John Dais. Contact information: Address: 67 Mikras Asias str., 115 27, Athens, Greece – Tel: +30 210 8236877 – Fax: +30 210 7789901 – Email:, – Website:


The organization World Without Wars and Violence (WWW&V) works internationally and promotes every action, thought and initiative, designed to end the wars in the world, but also to eliminate violence and discrimination in any form of (economic, psychological, moral , physical, religious or other). The working methodology is based on active non-violence. In international level has consultative role in ECOSOC (UN).

Contact Person: Nikos Stergiou. Contact Information: Address: Ermou 64, Athens, Greece – Tel: +30 6949401458 – Email:, – Website:


The “Thessaloniki Youth Club for UNESCO” is an NGO based in Thessaloniki and targets groups of young people. It works in collaboration with the Greek National Commission of UNESCO, from which it has been granted the right to use the name, and its main target is the activation, participation and education of young people based on the principles of non-formal learning and the orientations and priorities that puts the international organization for young people.

Contact Person: Babis Papaioannou Contact Information: Address: Ptolemeon 29A, 546 30 Thessaloniki, Greece – Tel: +30 6936963266 – Email: – Website:


The Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree” is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization which implements a cultural program on olive culture and to the strengthening of sustainable development in the oil producing areas. Also participates as a coordinator or partner in the development or implementation of public benefit programs.

Contact Person: George Karabatos. Contact information: Address: Aristomenous 91 241 00 Kalamata, Greece – Tel: +30 27210 95620- Fax: +30 27211 10350 – Email: – Website:


Greek Scouts aiming to provide non-formal education in Greek children to the application of the Scout system, which consists in the formation of moral character and offer physical education, mainly by collective action, life outdoors and play. The SEP as non-formal education institution aims to develop the mental, spiritual, social, moral and physical abilities of its members, to make them useful, active and responsible citizens, aware of the broader mission as members of local, national and the international community.

Contact Person: Maria Bena. Contact information: Address: Ptolemeon 1, 116 35, Athens, Greece – Tel: +30 210 7231218 – Fax: +30 210 7236561 – Email: – Website:


The organization “World Pharmacists” was founded in 1996 in Athens by a group of 24 Greek Pharmacists. Main objectives of the Organization that operates exclusively on a voluntary basis, are: 1) The collection, purchase, testing and packaging of medical supplies in order to promote free to individuals, groups or nursing Entities within and outside the country through accompanying Missions from members of the Organization. 2) Addressing health problems or other social problems, independently or in collaboration with other Bodies and Organizations.

Contact person: Spiros Seremidis. Contact info: Address: 41, Ipsiladou str. 166 75, Glifada, Athens, Greece – Tel: +30 210 9623845 – Fax: +30 210 9652386,


Organization Earth is a mission led non-profit endeavor based in Athens, Greece. Its core philosophy is the development of the concept of Environmental & Social Intelligence, a collective and experiential approach to the 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development, through hands-on learning activities for all ages. These in turn impact behavior, transform thinking and can create a new economic, environmental and societal model for a more fulfilling world for all.

Contact Person:  Constantinos Machairas Contact info: Address: 67, Dimokratias Avenue, 131 22 Ilion, Greece – Tel. +30 210 2325380- Email: – Website: